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As Swan lay on her deathbed and broke the seals, these words marked the beginning of what would become twelve years of living in almost total seclusion in a musicales dance of silent communion with Yeshua:

"It is right.  Go forward.   Leave behind your old fears. 
They are no longer your friends.  
They have served you well but it is time now to dry your tears and lift your heart's eye to the stars, for what is long written there will soon come to pass, and your part in the unfolding of the story of the universe will rise with the new dawn.  
Your sun will begin its ascent into the heavenly day of night and shine its glorious bright joyful light to open humanity's heart.  

You are the flower in winter, a golden rose in the snow.  
Let all who know you admire God's divine gift of creation in you, marvel at each gilded petal of delicate perfection.  
Stand tall on your stem of green light.  
Receive sunlight rays of radiant warm nourishing balm into the leaves that nurture you, and let your beauty shine with all the colours of creation reflected in the droplets of morning dew that have settled on your golden petals after the long night.  
And remember, above all, you are the flower, and you are the sunlight. 
You are a star that fell out of the night and became the dew in the morning sunlight.  

Each tear dropped silently from the eye that sees all, the heart that feels all, the mind that knows all, is an ocean of compassion for humanity to bathe in, and you are the love that wept it.
And the deep sighing sob letting go of the grief is the breath of life of humanity's release.

So, Light of Heaven, Light of Earth, shine forth your golden glow, God's Rose, be one of the ones who knows. Light the way of the heart that it may lead to the door of the universe, for you are the heart of the universe, pulse of the earth.

Walk tall and lightly where others fear to tread.
Your garden is the kingdom of the Earth - 
Make of it a golden rose-bed."



"I LOVE it! Wow. What an awesome achievement! You're a beautiful writer and it's a beautiful book. It's really BIG energy.  I can imagine lots of eager readers hungry for more!"

                                                                                Linda Sivertsen, Editor, Book Mama


"What a unique project and voice! This is a book like Conversations with God, The Shack and The Alchemist that could change the world forever." 

                                                              Cynthia DiTerbio, editor, buyer Harper Collins


The Book of Sahra is the most amazing and one of the most powerful books I've ever read, and one of the greatest stories of love.   I feel touched in a very powerful way, by the exquisite depth of Spirit whenever reading The Book of Sahra - it is like being in presence with the Divine family.  Sahra and Jesus love easily brings me into the euphoria of that Divine.  I was anxious to read on but didn't want the story to end.”

                                                                                    Bruce Becvar, Composer, Musician


“This book is the literary equivalent of fine art, absolutely amazing, poetry in motion– a literary work of art of the highest order”

                                                                                     Simon Whittaker, Teacher, Healer


"I found it deeply moving and was moved to tears a few times. I await the next book."

                                                                                                                         Carol Colley


“This is an amazing and powerful story with an important message for the planet.”  

                                                                Andrew Harvey, mystic, Rumi scholar, teacher


“I just read two more chapters and am sitting in bed crying … Gracias…

An exquisite weaving of Song & Memory through time

The cadence of the carefully constructed prose reaching deep into ancient long forgotten memories,

Welcome release of ancient tears

Remembrance returned, Passion re-ignited .

The Soul once more clothed in gossamer light

I feel healed in the song of light .. words that heal and soothe the Soul ..

Her Story is Our Story, the Story of all …She is All Woman's Story

To read her is to return Home to the Oneness of all

to our Destiny…..

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful, I didn’t want to put it down and cried all the way through”

Gracias Swan, Dr. Sahra Renata. Gracias.

                                                                                Dominique Vollaers, Oracle, Healer 

“I found the book utterly inspiring, so much so I read it three times, in one night. It just spoke to my heart. The prose was exquisite, and I found the poetry very romantic, and so original in it's concept. That Swan/Dr. Renata envisioned this information of Sara Jesus's secret wife before the Papyrus was discovered of Jesus talking about his wife & later authenticated just adds to my belief that this divine work of art was obviously written from the soul of Sahra - a truly inspirational & a heart-wrenching exquisite work of art.  This is the most amazing book.  Reading this is like hearing Jesus' voice.  It is deeply sacred and holy, highly inspirational, astonishing and deeply moving." 

                                                                                     Sandra Brecknell, Businesswoman

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