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It took over 2000 years for this story to be told, because the world was not ready for the Divine Feminine.


Until now.

Every few years a book comes along that could change the world forever…

A heart-wrenching tale of love and sacrifice, crucifixion and resurrection, The Book of Sahra uncovers essential truths about our world, our destiny and our own innate connection to the Divine. This book contains vital spiritual messages for humanity at this crucial time on the planet. Everyone will want to read this book and learn the deeper meaning of events 2000 years ago that made Jesus the most venerated healer/teacher ever and discover the greatest love of all time, and their relevance to humanity and the world today.


Sahra's story is a powerful, illuminating and deeply moving portrayal of Jesus' intimate life with His secret wife  and the journey of all humans' remembering their divine origins. 
It is an authentically sacred and profound exposé of their love life, an exotic, poetic romance in the light of totally new and unique understanding of the holy journey that is both beautifully sensual, romantic and sacred.


This divinely inspired, lyrical, work of art gives the reader a vividly evocative experience of Sahra and Jesus' life together, their children, their challenges and their epic undertaking. Illustrated with unique sacred art exquisitely crafted from antique eastern silks, the book takes the reader on an astonishingly beautiful journey into the realm of the divine and deep into the reader's own sacred soul. Jesus' Secret Wife is a remembering of our divine heritage. To read Sahra is to return home to the Oneness of all, to our greater destiny.

In the vein of such transformational works as The Alchemist, The Shack and Conversations with God, this is a book for all who long for the eternal experience of Divine Love.
To read this book is to be forever transformed.


Swan Amanda Rose Montague, known in the west as Dr. Swan,  wrote this book as a testament to Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife under nom-de-plume Sahra Renata.  Dr. Swan is a mystic, visionary, artist, writer and poet, with an M.A in spiritual Philosophy and a Ph.D in metaphysics. Swan is a medical intuitive and has been an experienced practitioner for over 25 years in the sacred arts and healing. She also creates the stunning sacred wall hangings known as Temple Veils from antique eastern silks, jewels and crystals. 
Swan has lived and taught advanced metaphysics and mastery of the healing arts throughout Europe, Scandinavia, the UK and U.S., Australia and Mexico. 
15 years ago Swan was given 3 months to live so she went into seclusion to heal herself and be in divine communion with The Divine. One day, during her many close encounters with death, Jesus appeared at her deathbed.  She was filled with light and told to reveal an ancient sacred secret. Thereafter in revelatory bursts of light, memory and feeling,  "The Book of Sahra, Jesus' Secret Wife,” whom He called The Golden Rose, was revealed, re-lived, and now told.  In the Sahra Quartet, ancient truths have been resurrected and now Dr. Swan, herself resurrected, shares Jesus' and Sahra's extraordinary,  epic love-story with the world and this amazing Divine Plan with vital messages for humanity at this time.

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